About Allan Serwa

ALLAN SERA the International coordinator of Christ Ambassador for Nations. Graduated from Loyalist University College (satellite of Ryerson) April, 1987 Associate Degree, Communications. CBC Certificate of Merit from  University of Colorado, Denver Campus Jun, 1984 Bus Admin, He was also Trained to take over  franchise for International Housing Co.  He comes with his rich and large experience such as  Founder of Abzu Gold Ltd. (ISX V:ABS). Personally went to Ghana  Africa and built company from grass roots, gaining 7 gold-bearing concessions  before taking the company public. Was head of team that completed financings  both private and public of close to $20million. Completed partnership agreement with  Kinross Mining while CEO and Chairman of Abu. Left Company when world resource downturn caused end to drilling andoperations in Ghana.Founder, CEO for 5 years and Chairman for 3 years. Left company by choice in 2012.  As a result of exploration programs with Abzu, we discovered two multi million oz gold zones on two Ghanaian properties, Nangodi and Asafo. 

In 2011, brokered and signed licensing between Cardero Resource Co.  (ISX: CDU) with the Ghana government regarding the Sheini Hills Iron Ore project. SGS of London estimated the project could top $9Billion. I remained on as  Managing Director in Ghana for one year through Phase Il drilling.

At the end of 2012, founded Lvov Resource Services Ltd, a Ghanaian based company providing an array of services to the minerals and oil industries in West Africa including negotiating oil PSs; purchase and option of gold concessions; local political and national relationships; provided geologists (both ex-pat and national); full HR services in country; camp building; and operations management during prospecting/drilling;  accounting auditable for stock exchanges; legal; licensing; terminal reporting; and EPA. Continue as  CEO and Chairman but looking for Executive position in established exploration or mining company.  Early in 2013, completed contract with Elephant Oil to acquire onshore blocs in Benin, West Africa.  Other clients included Goldstar and Golden Eagle, both TSX-V oil companies. During the project

I founded Goldstar Oil and Gas Cote D’Voire as well as Goldstar Oil and Gas Ltd. in  Ghana where I worked with both PETROCI from La Cote D’Voire and Ghana National  Petroleum Corp to gain onshore blocs. I still retain 50% of those companies. The oil negotiations in both countries were on a Ministerial level.  Founder of Triumphant Mining Ltd. – a Ghanaian company with 5 gold concessions.  CEO and Chairman. Set up as an incubator for taking properties to the market.  In our CSR programs trained over 200 village individuals throughout the Ghana southern countryside in the use of gravity-based gold mining machinery, which helps communities to meet EPA requirements and creates easy reclamation as well as drilling water wells, providing wale and supplying schools with supplies. Raised over $40,000 for the King of Ashanti’s childhood education programs.